Creative Design

  • nSpire will help you design a program and web interface that look and feel like your company website and that promote your specific message.

    We understand the connection between brand continuity and customer loyalty. That’s why we keep your program and site consistent with your brand, vision and message.

    Our nDSA technology allows us to design a rewards-program site that evokes your company website. Every program’s back-end functions look the same. But the front end—what program users actually see—looks and feels like your brand, with your site’s logo, colors and general layout.

    Plus, you get to name your own currency and delineate its exchange rate. What does that mean? Part of the front-end user experience includes earning and exchanging currency (e.g., points, dollars, etc.) for rewards. Our nDSA platform lets you choose your exchange rate and currency name. Most of our clients call their currency “points” but you can get as creative as you like. Exchange rates vary by customer.