• nSpire Dynamic Services Architecture

    The nSpire web platform is reliable, flexible and fast. It can interface with almost any kind of technology, meaning we can start building your incentive program right away, without worrying about translation issues.

    Our dependable, smart technology, nSpire Dynamic Service Architecture (nDSA), offers many possibilities for your incentive program. This flexible platform, which uses standard Microsoft .NET technology, can interface with almost any other technology, increasing the chances of quick deployment and universal acceptance. Its open-interface standards also facilitate seamless order-entry and fulfillment, and allow us to develop custom modules for you.

    Plus, nDSA now accommodates multiple-level discount programs (e.g., bronze, silver, gold, platinum). Say a Gold member wants to exchange 100,000 points for a new watch. That same reward is just 50,000 points for a Platinum member. The member in the higher level gets a discount on the product and more bang for his buck. This feature is another way to keep your target audience engaged and another way we can help you to customize your incentive program.