Mitch Horlick

  • Mitch Horlick grew up immersed in the incentive industry. His father, Art Horlick, was a pioneer in the field and got Mitch interested at a young age. Mitch learned everything he could, from warehousing inventory management and merchandise procurement, to assembling and managing top customer service teams.

    Mitch is passionate about using technology to make the incentive industry more efficient. In 2002, he formed PassPoints, Inc. to fill a growing ‘points-to-products’ need, and helped launch online and off-line incentive programs for companies such as Dr. Pepper, Novartis (Gerber), MasterCard, Philip Morris and Sony Music.

    In 2005, he helped found nSpire, with the dream of leveraging technology to offer clients unparalleled service, premium merchandise and rapid fulfillment. His vision has taken shape. At nSpire, Mitch has been instrumental in starting incentive programs for clients like Procter & Gamble, Destiny Health, CSK Auto, Inc., Ryder, and Comcast.

    Under his guidance, Mitch’s clients have seen their programs grow and expand, by offering other fulfillment products besides merchandise (e.g. gift-cards, movie tickets, travel incentives, pre-paid credit/debit cards, etc.), establishing and watching success metrics, and adding new vendor-partners and employer customers.